SIEMENS SGT-4000Fv1 (V94.3Av1)

Potenza:770000 kW
Anno di costruzione:N.D.
Prezzo:su richiesta
SIEMENS SGT-4000Fv1 (V94.3Av1)
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Ubicato in paese UE
This plant is dual fuel fired plant with Natural Gas as main fuel, backup by Diesel Fuel Oil. The power generation side has a gross output capacity of approximately 777MW of electricity. The power plant is configured with combined cycle set up that consists of 3x SIEMENS SGT-4000Fv1 (V94.3Av1) Gas Turbine Generators, 3x Doosan make HRSGs, and 2x Siemens T6187 NG 90/90-7 Steam Turbine Generators. The exhausts of the gas turbines are directly connected to the HRSGs, where the waste heat from the gas turbines is used to generate steam to drive the Steam Turbines (ST) and the water production process. The HRSGs are equipped with diverter dampers, therefore the gas turbines are capable to operate in open cycle mode. The HRSGs are also equipped with supplementary burners. The plant entered into commercial operation in 2001 and the gas turbine have accumulated approximately 130kEOH. Two units out of three have undergone Major Overhaul + LTE right before plant decommissioning while the third units will require maintenance. All equipment has been maintained by the OEM since the beginning of time according to OEM standards and practices
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